Grant Programs

The Fund maintains three separate grant programs in support of contemporary American music, each with its own objectives and annual application deadline.
The program’s objectives are to document and provide wider exposure for the music of contemporary American composers, to develop audiences for contemporary American music through record distribution and other retail markets, and to support the release and dissemination of recordings of previously unreleased contemporary American music and the reissuance of recordings that are no longer available.
The program’s objective is to support performing and presenting organizations whose artistic excellence encourages and improves public knowledge and appreciation of serious contemporary American music.
June 30, 2017
The program’s objective is to support non-profit organizations that have a history of substantial commitment to contemporary American music but whose needs are not addressed by the Fund’s programs of support for performing organizations and recording projects. Organizations whose principal function is to support a specific performing ensemble should apply to the Performance Program.
October 31, 2017