How do I make PDFs on my computer?

All supporting documentation and scores must be submitted in PDF format. Scores should also be submitted in PDF format if technically and legally possible.

If the original document only exists in hard copy (such as an IRS determination letter), you will need to scan it first, and then create the PDF.

If the document exists as a computer file (such as a Word, Excel, Finale or Sibelius file), you can create the PDF directly on the computer (this is recommended).

To create a PDF on a Mac: Click here for instructions.

To create a PDF on Windows: The most reliable method of creating PDFs on Windows is with the commercial software Adobe Acrobat. However, there are various ways to create PDFs on Windows using free or low-cost programs. Here are links to a few. (The Copland Fund does not endorse any of these programs and is providing the links only for ease of reference.)

PDF Creator
Adobe PDF Online